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Welcome to the Propét Dealer Central website. Be sure to check this page for the latest news from Propét. On this page, we will also feature our selling tools for our dealers, whether you are a retailer or medical provider. Scroll down to see our current catalog and POP options.

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Read About The Propét Rejuve Product TrialTM

We tested our new Rejuve sandals with men and women from across the country with a 3rd Party Research firm. We were amazed by the results and you will be too! Read more here:

Propet Rejuve Product Trial Cover Image


See the actual responses from our testers by clicking on the link below to view the Rejuve Product Trial Whitepaper from Resolution Research

Introducing Propét Rejuve Motion TechnologyTM

Introducing the latest innovation in footwear, Propét Rejuve Motion Technology is biomechanically designed to allow natural movement and reduce or alleviate the stress and strain caused by over-pronation. Watch our short video below to see the technology at work and hear from our podiatric consultant, Dr. Harold Schoenhaus about how it works.

Read More About Propét Rejuve Motion TechnologyTM

Get the in-depth story about what the new line of Rejuve shoes can do for you and your customers in our Technology Overview below.

Dealer Order Form Now Available

Click here to see our new Dealer Order Form. We now have three ways to place your order, 1) Volume Order screen, 2) Custom Order screen and now 3) Order Form screen. If you know the sku numbers which you would like to order, this is a convenient way to order several skus. Try it and out see if it works for you.

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