AdaptaStep Landing Page

Variable Flex TechnologyTM in the new AdaptaStep recovery shoe, promotes quicker return to normal gait by changing flexibility as the patient progresses. Soft, breathable nano-silver lining inhibits infection while breathable fabric upper promotes air circulation to enhance healing.

  • Soft, breathable upper, with nano-silver lining
  • Naturally anti-microbial, minimizes and inhibits infection
  • Breathable fabric promotes optimum air circulation to enhance healing
  • Machine washable
  • Fully opens at top and heel
  • Allows for easy on-and-off to accommodate bandages
  • Compresses rather than constricts
  • Prevents additional swelling caused by straps that are too tight
  • Both top panel and heel strap can be trimmed as bandages get smaller and swelling goes down

Built in collaboration with renowned podiatrist, Dr. Harold Schoenhaus. Based on over 40 years of surgical experience.

New Proprietary Design Built to Improve the Recovery Process

  • Inserts in forefoot allow for variable flexibility to help alleviate fluid build-up and promote healing
  • 2 sets of color-coded flex rods
  • Truly a transitional shoe that changes as the patient progresses
  • Promotes a quicker recovery of normal gait

Straight-lasted outsole works on either foot

  • Includes both right and left removable anti-microbial insoles to support the arch and cushion the foot
  • Sold as single units NOT in pairs